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Don't let my friends find out!

June 9th, 2015

Many of you don't want friends to find out you're getting boosted. When working on your account we assure to make it as anonymous as possible - all private and in game contacts are being ignored, we keep your summoner spells combination on same position and try to stick to your most played champions. But there are still few things, that you can do! First off there are applications for your smartphone, that will let you stay in touch with your friends, while we're working on your account. Than there's appear offline tools, that will make your account invisible for your friends, we can use that on your request. Although not to get involved with 3rd party software, there's easy way.  You can add your friends on block list for the time of the boost. When the job is done, you can remove them from the block list, and add to your messenger so you can see them again. They won't have to accept your invite, you will just become visible as you were before.  Hopefully this few tricks will help to keep your privacy in order :)


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