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Is getting boosted risky?

July 16th, 2015

Is getting boosted risky?

With recent RIOT statement on mmr boosting, some of you question me if you are being at risk.


Although it all sounds pretty serious, keep in mind that RIOT propaganda means to scare you off from purchasing boosting. EasyElo.Com is now boosting for over 3 years, and we have seen this statements previous years as well:



Of course, it happens that someone could get busted. But in fact, its very small percentage. From thousands of Elo jobs we do every season, i only heard few actually got punished.

RIOT quoted “70,000” players are going to get punished. In comparison to reports by Forbes 67 million monthly players, it would be 1%. There's 250k views of our single forum thread, close to 10k of jobs we have finished, 500k results for “Elo boost” in google and many of them are good and worse boosting services that have could cumulatively do million of orders.
If we consider these numbers, the risk of punishment seems very low and based on my experience and humble opinion its about 0,002%.

Once you get busted, their investigation and detection process is usually accurate and final. We can’t take responsibility if it would happen. But would still stay with you and try our best to keep you happy. It usually results in a 2 week ban and reward removal which you can read more about here:

What is not mentioned there, is that your hidden MMR still stays boosted, and usually gives you an easy start on next season!


It's pretty random, whoever gets punished. In most cases, investigation is caused by other situations that could make your account standout and get reviewed by RIOT. We take utmost care to make sure the risk is reduced, starting from most obvious things like Ignoring in the game and private contacts to sticking to your standard playing pattern as much as possible, hiding IP and playing on VPN on your request. What you can eventually do is: avoid logging while we boost and 24 hours before and after the order & avoid situations which could cause investigation or go with DuoQ.

If you really want to make sure it's risk free we also offer DuoQ boosting. We will play on the account around your ranking and carry games in duo que. This also helps learning the game! Below you can see redpost about it:

I guess you can all stay calm and boost on :)

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