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Getting yourself a Smurf.

August 1st, 2015


Getting new account, is no easy task... There are various dangers when it comes to buying either second hand or botted account. This article, should help you notice these dangers before it's too late, and provide some helpful tips on safe smurfing.

First off, there is no safer way than an account registered on your own. As an original owner, you are always able to authorize your account and recover it. There are multiple ways to achieve what purchased account has to offer. Whether it's leveling, ranking, credit for champions and runes or restrictions you can get it with EasyElo.Com services. It might end up a little bit more expensive investing in own account, but it guarantees your lifetime usage and going to save you a lot of stress!


Of Course everyone's situation differs, and you know best yourself, what suits you the most. So if you decide you'd buy with already existing account rather than hire someone for expanding yours, let me give you a few tips on getting a safe Smurf.


You have two choices, there are botted accounts and secondhand accounts.

The first mentioned, are made with automated processes. Botted accounts, are a cheap Smurfs, never used by another player, with clean ranking, and basic amount of IP for champions and runes to get you started. Although, it seems like a good choice there is a hatch... There have been a huge ban wave on these in the past, and another wave may hit any time. Investing time and money may end up a waste if another wave hits. But if you just need something cheap to mess with, then you can order one here: http://easyelo.com/others.html

The second hand account is the other option. And in my opinion, safest after own account. These accounts usually have rich content, which would take a lot of commitment, to build from a scratch. Close to all champions, decent rune sets, some skins and rankings ranging from bronze to challenger. We can get you close to any second hand account, you can imagine. As possibly mentioned original account owner, is always able to recover his account. We choose our providers very carefully, put safety as a priority, sign a contract with every original owner. So that we can offer all information, support and instructions necessary to successfully secure your smurf. But If you found one yourself, then  you should follow these few hints to make it as secure as possible:

  • Choose the right provider.

The accounts we have to offer come from good friends of easyelo.com, mostly it's reliable and trustworthy employees. In case of any problems we can provide help contacting the original owner for any additional info. We can offer account replacement in case of original owner recover, because we are sure it won’t happen! When choosing a seller, try to look for similar or higher standards. Check your seller feedback, ask for a middleman or partial payment, sign a contract and ask for ID scan. Try to figure out who you deal with, and if anything is suspicious, you better off doing, quitting that deal.

  • Review the account.

Avoid incredibly attractive and fishy offers.

Try finding out, if account have been botted (look for low amounts of takedowns/normal games).
See if the account is marked as toxic and if there's risk of getting banned (if it have been recently punished you will see the low amount of honors).

Check purchase history, if there is a ton of RP recently bought, that could been made with the stolen Credit Card, and will result in account ban.

Ask the owner if he provides original email the account been registered to and recovery informations.

  • Secure the account.

Remember, choosing the person you buy from is most important thing, and tips for security I'm providing, won't be helpful, if you got to deal with a scammer.

The instructions given in this paragraph, will let you authorize the account in case of any problems.

After you received account credentials:

-change password and the email to yours,

-change password and the email to random ones,

-contact support@riotgames.com and ask them for password reset.

-in cooperation with your provider, authorize the account and answer recovery questions*.

* Following are usual recovery questions, keep in mind they may vary, and RIOT may request additional informations.

- Login

- Summoner name

- Server

- Creation date of account

- Original email used to register the account

- City you have create the account

- Last IP address used to log onto the account (http://www.whatismyip.com):

- Few first champions that you have bough

- First items you have bought with RP

- List of at least 5 summoners, you have invited to your FL

- List of at least 5 summoners on your FL

-riot will now change email back to yours, and send you the password reset form.

-you can now reset the password and enjoy your new Smurf :)

If you receive one, don't forget to change email account informations.

  • Take care of it.

Now that you can authorize ownership of the account, in case of any problems, you should be able to finish the procedure on your own. Keep account credentials safe, change your password periodically. And avoid situations, which could cause any problems.

Once again, some ridiculous situations, and unpredictable actions of RIOT could happen. All of the accounts are RIOT property, and they may cut your access anytime, for no reason. Even your own account isn't completely safe, but it's definitely safer when you get to choose from Own>2nd Hand>Botted Accounts. Hope to help some of you on this tough choise.

Happy Smurfing!

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