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How to choose reliable boosting?

November 8th, 2015

How to choose reliable boosting?


Boosting market is a difficult place for newcomers. You will meet a lot of false advertising, scammers & wannabes. I keep having clients coming to me after having their money wasted on potentially “cheap” services. This article will help you choose a reliable provider and save you from being tricked. You don't want to put your precious account at risk, so it's very important who you trust with your credentials and money.


Of course cost is usually major factor, although cheapest services may turn out to be a trap. Sometimes you will see those great offers, keep in mind that underpriced service is usually first alert of something being wrong. If a seller, has no other arguments to offer, he will try to get your attention with a low price. And if you fall for that, it might turn out really bad. There are no miracles, boosting is time consuming, needs skills, and cold nerves, if you see someone offering their work barely free, you should be very cautious.


So how to find out if an offer is reliable?

  • Make a full background check on the seller. Check their Facebook, forum threads, try to google their skype/emails and look for any negative feedback.

  • Check their creation date, a fresh service has a lot to learn, and unfortunately they will most likely learn from their mistakes on customers orders.

  • When checking the feedback, make sure its real. There are a lot of sites with feedback that they write themselves.

Here at easyelo, we ask our customers to post on the forums, where you can check the IP, creation date and other posts of the account that prove its human made.

  • Get to know their manager or customer support, ask them if they can prove that they are legit. Ask if they offer any guarantees and if they're willing to refund you, in case that you're unsatisfied. Ask if there are any extra fees, after the order is already placed. Ask from what division are the boosters they hire. And ask if they can provide any special requests and meet your needs for free.

  • Ask for their work etiquette, rules you should expect from reliable service are:

*Not using any 3rd party software.

*Ignoring ANY Private messages and leaving them unopened for the customer.

*Not using ingame chat. Pings Only.

*Not AFKing or leaving games.

*Playing Minimum division a day.


Why EasyElo?


Perfect Customer Support!

Our support is the one you dream of! Customer best interest is our main concern. We are fast, honest and caring. We never leave our precious clients unsatisfied & We are always there for the good and the bad.


Years Of Experience!

We have launched in 2011. That makes us the oldest working League Boosting. Nothing can surprise us. We know what it takes to doing a great job and keeping you happy. For 4 years were successfully running boosting, we have worked with more than 300 boosters! Our current team now contains only the best and most reliable people.


100% Positive Feedback!

If you still wonder, we have finished more than 10,000 orders! Check out our profile on elitepvpers.com, where we are most chosen provider with over 250,000 views and 85 pages of positive feedback from our previous customers! We’re also verified challenger level on Sythe, have a growing Facebook fan community, now with more than 10k likes, and on the ownedcore we got a 10/10 review.


Please feel free to Skype with us at "crimsologia1", see our 3300 contacts – our previous happy clients, ask us any questions, and get a secure and discreet deal!

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