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EasyElo Frequently Asked Question

Here you may find all the related questions regarding boosting & referrals.
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Boosts Questions

Why should I choose you?

We have great prices when compared to the competition. We have a strong, dedicated, fast and professional team of boosters. We can guarantee the best customer support out there and we never let our clients down. If something ever goes wrong, we do the best to keep you satisfied. We have several customers come from “top” services, where orders are placed automatically and you end up waiting several weeks for replies and if there is ever a problem, there is no one around to help. With us, everything is dealt with over Skype, online from 07-23 (GMT+1), to help you in any situation.

What servers are you operating on?

We’re accepting order on all servers.

Is it safe?

We have done boosts for over year on over 1000 accounts and you can see lots of feedback from happy, satisfied customers on elitepvpers threads. We’re also a verified challenger level booster on Sythe. We have over 2000 Skype contacts, 111+ epvp TBM and tons of love on all the forums. We’ve got two websites of our own and a growing Facebook fan page.

How does the boosting work?

Once your questions have been answered and you’re ready to order, please go to http://easyelo.com/boosting, choose your order and follow the on screen instructions (Checkout form explained below). Then we will assign the order to one of our boosters. Once the work is done, we will let you know that it has been completed. You can also follow progress through op.gg.

Order system

Email: Your paypal, email if you checkout with it. For other payment methods just put in your contact email. Skype login: Skype ID, you use to log in. Its the same thing, you need to provide for people, for them to add you. Server: Server that your League Of Legends account is on. Login: Your League Of Legends ID. Password: Your League Of Legends Password. Summoner name: Your League Of Legends Summoner name. Special request: Here you can put any special requests you want our booster to stick to. (Times, champs, etc.) Where did u find about easyelo.com: Google ads, facebook, forums, friend? Let us know :)

What are the different payment methods and how do they work?

We are already running on minimal prices. If you compare our prices to most of the services from the first Google page, you’ll see that we are usually 2 to 3 times cheaper. We just cannot go lower. Sometimes we work out promotional events where you can save even more, so keep an eye on our news page. If there are strong arguments why we should give you a discount, please let us know.

How much is an A - B boost?

You can check the price at http://easyelo.com/boosting, just pick your current and desired divisions to see the price. Placement matches are 5€ each. There is a 40% fee for DuoQ.”

How does DuoQ Work?

Once you have placed your order and have provided us with details, we’ll get back in contact with you, usually in about 30 minutes. One of the assigned boosters will skype and schedule the games with you, tell you who to invite and who will carry your games. DuoQ is not coaching and any advice/communication is done at the booster’s discretion. :)

Can I get banned for boosts?

We’ve been doing boosts for over one year and out of 1000+ accounts, none of our customers have ever reported to us that they were banned for using our services. It is our opinion that Riot’s statements about boosting being an offense are just an attempt to scare people off. In most situations, it is impossible to prove that these services were used and in order to issue a ban wave, Riot would have to program a chain-ban, which would cause many innocent users to be harmed and that’s why it doesn’t happen. Riot tends to target popular streamers that broadcast games on different accounts and penalize them (to “teach everyone else a lesson”). About 2% of the community is involved in boosting and we believe that boosting isn’t as harmful as getting rid of ~1’400’000 RP buyers would be. You do need to be aware that there is some kind of risk, for which we can’t take responsibility.

How long does it take?

We ask for up to 3 days per division, but in fact it usually doesn’t take longer than a few hours for each division and we win almost every game that isn’t a game where someone leaves. Low gain accounts and DuoQ may take slightly longer.

Can I play my account while being boosted?

We recommend that you play an alternative account until we are done boosting. If you do feel a strong need to play your own account, contact us and we can figure out some type of scheduling arrangement. Any ELO changes you made will be included in the final ELO outcome.

I have an extra request (Unusual order, TeamViewer, specific champions, scheduling), can you help me with it?

When placing an order, include any of your needs in "special request pool" those will be forwarded to the booster and he will stick to them if it's possible.

Where can I check the progress, how can I spectate games and How can I avoid being noticed by my friends?

You can always check your progress on op.gg and for spectating, we recommend lolnexus.com. You can request for us to use appear offline, removing friends from your friends list, will also work the same way. We will ignore any of your private messages and make it as similar as you would play as possible. So no worries.

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