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The 2018 Season Has Begun!

January 17th, 2018

The 2018 Season Has Begun!


*Placement Games*

If you are looking for reliable placement games boost we do Guaranteed outcome option.

You can grab Gold, Platinum or Diamond ranking on an unranked account for a fixed price of:

60 Euro for Gold

150 Euro for Platinum

300 Euro for Diamond

On the mentioned there is a 30% discount if you finished with platinum ranking and 50% if you were a diamond.

If you prefer a standard per win boost we do 10 wins for 60 euro.


*Honor Boost*

If you are in need to fix your Honor ranking, we have normal games boost at 1.5 euro per win. Having our professional player carry games with a friendly attitude guarantees Honor progress.


GL & HF - www.EasyElo.com

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