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Season V Arrival!

January 14th, 2015

Official season V launch date is finally here. On 21st january, the elo reset will occur. 
If you haven't yet check our guaranteed placement option you will find more info on easyelo.com, and few of the prices examples below:

Your “SIV” Ranking - Desired “SV” Placement - Price

Bronze/Silver/Gold - Gold - 60 Euro

Bronze/Silver/Gold - Platinum - 120 Euro

Bronze/Silver/Gold - Diamond - 300 Euro

Platinum - Platinum - 84 Euro

Platinum - Diamond - 210 Euro

Diamond - Diamond - 150 Euro
If you prefer standard per win option, DuoQ with booster or got any questions, feel free to skype me. 

LOL/CS:GO/WOT Boosting, Steam&Origin Games, Coaching, Accounts, Referalls

GL & HF from easyelo.com :)

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